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KODAK EASYSHARE 5300 All-in-One Printer .

BakeSpace is teaming up with Kodak to give away a KODAK EASYSHARE 5300 All-in-One Printer to five lucky BakeSpace members. Not a member, join today! The top-rated 5300 makes beautiful copies, scans and photographic prints, all with the quality you've come to expect from Kodak. And with replacement cartridges that cost much less than the competition, you can print lots of food photos without frying a hole in your wallet. Here's How To Win (FYI - CONTEST HAD ENDED): Invite me to be your friend and join your network. That's all there is to it! Check Back Daily: One member in the printer's network will be selected at random each day this week (Mon.- Fri. - 10/22 - 10/26). Winners will be announced in the "Kitchen Announcements" section (top of your Kitchen page). Check-in daily to see if you've won! Fantastic prints don't need to be expensive. Kodak has developed a revolutionary inkjet system that gives you crisp, sharp black documents and brilliant photos that last a lifetime.* Save up to 50% on everything you print compared to similar consumer inkjet printers. body { BACKGROUND-COLOR: FFFFFF; background-image:url(http://www.bakespace.com/images/large/c7e00bcb8d2eb522528a654eb64b625a.jpeg); background-position:Top Left; background-attachment:fixed; } Table, Td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0; } filter:alpha(opacity=100); -moz-opacity:1; opacity:1; -khtml-opacity:1; } table table { border:none; border-width:0; } table table table { border-style:solid; border-width:1px; padding:0px; border-color:000000; background-color:transparent; } table table table table{ background-image:none; background-color:transparent; border-style:none; } table table table td { background-color:FFFFFF;} .orangetext15, .lightbluetext8, .whitetext12, .nametext, .btext, .redtext, .redbtext { color:000000; font-size:10pt; font-weight:bold; font-style:normal; font-family:Arial; } body, div, p, strong, td, .text, .blacktext10, .blacktext12, a.searchlinkSmall, a.searchlinkSmall:link, a.searchlinkSmall:visited { color:000000; font-size:10pt; font-weight:normal; font-style:normal; font-family:Arial; } a, a:link, a:visited, a.navbar, a.navbar:link, a.navbar:visited, a.man, a.man:link, a.man:visited { color:000000; font-size:10pt; font-weight:normal; font-style:normal; font-family:Arial; } a:hover, a.navbar:hover, a.man:hover { }

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Recipe in a Jar by Kodak Easy Share