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Welcome to Personal Surf Lessons! My name is Sergio Peñaloza, I am one of only ten permitted instructors in the City of Santa Monica, with over 6 years experience teaching hundreds of students. I apply my vast experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer to all my surf lessons. I use my knowledge of the human body to help you achieve your goals of catching waves. With my discreet, professional and enthusiastic approach to surfing lessons, you are guaranteed a fun and exciting session. I have taught people from all walks of life… high-profile business professionals, celebrities and visitors from all over the world. My students range from 4 years old to the "young-at-heart". I teach a range of skill levels from absolute beginners to intermediate surfers looking to improve their ability. Are you looking to experience the thrill of surfing for the first time? Do you wish you could surf with your friends? Are you looking for a healthy new hobby? Do you want to surf with your kids? Or do your kids want to surf with you? I would love to help! If you're a visitor on vacation, an executive here for business, or a newly inspired Los Angeles resident, give me a call to book your surf lessons. I offer various surf lesson packages. If you don’t see a package that suits your needs please don't hesitate to give me a call. I'm sure we can arrange something. I am honored to share the gift of surfing with you!surf lessons lasurf lessons los angeles


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