Jenny Cestero

Here For: getting tips from everyone else!

Want to Learn How: how to eat better while eliminating salt sugar fat and highly processed ingredients

Heard about BakeSpace From: accidental finding

Occupation: nothing to do with cooking and I get to do it from home

Industry: Insurance


I love food more, now that I dont use butter or oil in my daily consumption. I dont add salt to anything, and sugar use is limited to splenda products. That being said, I am a cooking fool for others. I push recipes to the limit and serve them with love in my heart. I try to resist changing the recipe someone might have given me, but I ususally change it, even on the first try! I llike to bake cakes now. I didnt like it before. I have taken some cake decorating classes and the rest I learn on youtube. I belong to a black southern baptist church and those sisters are always making something OUT OF THIS WORLD! Earning respect with other cooks takes work and I am always up for the task! SO GLAD I FOUND THIS! will share recipes in the coming weeks.... :) peace!


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