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Greg Vinall seems to have made a life beyond understanding fish. He is a high quality aquatic scientist and runs a successful consultancy that specialises in managing the fitness of aquatic ecosystems, and obviously fish! Professional interests besides, Greg started making wooden fishing lures at the very young age, and quickly discovered that you can make custom fishing lures created for local conditions that could outfish lures bought through the tackleshop. Over the decades Greg has amassed a repository of knowledge on the subject. His passion for getting custom lures nows spills up to education, as he gives you his expertise with different lure makers through articles and reviews, ebooks and websites. Logically, as his expertise and confidence with lure creating grew, Greg begame to explore other elements of the past-time. Through years of testing he discovered that it is quite possible for any recreational lure maker to enjoy some great benefits of making hard plastic persuades - something only professionals have done until now. Greg now teaches very simple techniques that enable anybody to make masses of professional level of quality fishing lures quickly, inexpensively and easily and without expensive devices or car buying online

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