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neri zaccardelli

helloooooooo, My name is Neri, and have recently rekindled my love of cooking and baking...mainly as i do not want my boyfriend cooking in my kitchen due to the fact he NEVER clears up after himself and leaves the kitchen looking like a tornado went crazy in i have taken back the kitchen as i don't mind clearing up after myself..I am 23 years old and my speciality (so i think) is baking all cakes and biscuits, basically anything containing high sugar quantities and i am always eager to improve on existing recipes, collaborate with others or even make up my own...this happens a lot as i am definately one for looking in my cupboard and throwing together whatever is there!love to will be great fun to chat to peaople around the world and share our fabulous recipes....i also have a thing for inventing cocktails and would gladly share some info....whilst some others are simply fab so i wont share them until i have a published book that sells as many copies as the last harry potter hahahaha!

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Instant Drunken Choc Cherry Mousse
Speedy creamy smoothie drizzle
Fabulous Flourless Triple Chocolate Cherry Brownies
Peanut Butter Chocolate Whirls