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Marilyn Kilpatrick

Of course I started cooking with the easy bake oven. My Mom went back to work full time as a waitress when I was 12 and she turned the houshold overto me. She started by preparing meals and leaving me instructions on how to heat them up and what to serve. After about a month she set me out on my own, shopping and preparing meals for my two sisters and Dad. My poor dad endured a lot of experiments, but always had a good comment. My mom and Dad eventually bought a truck stop and I learned a lot of cooking from that experience. My brother taught me how to cook on a characoal grill. I also use a gas grill and a smoker. There isn't anything I won't try once. I always follow the receipe the first time, then I will make changes to my taste. I love spices and spicey foods. If it fails I will try again and pay more attention. Cooking comes pretty natuaral to me so I make up some recipes as I go along. I'm usually in trouble if some one asks for the recipe because there isn't one. Only when I bake am I careful about measuring. Otherwise I pour and sprinkle! ;-)

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