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Date: 03/15/11 01:28 PM
I appreciate the pureness of McCormick spices. Sometimes I wonder what is in the off brand spices but with McCormick I am confident that there are no fillers, dairy or gluten. Keep up the good work!
Date: 12/24/07 11:06 PM
I use McCormick's spice alot. The recipe I thought of when I was asked to tell you what I think of McCormick was my Moroccan pie recipe below. it's my family favorite and as bee nfor years. The McCormick's spices of Cumin and Ginger just make it better somehow! Moroccan Pie ( Hamburger & Hash Brown Pie) added 07/31/07 Recipe Directions & History click for larger photo I made this recipe years ago for my family and my nephew loved it so now when he comes to visit I have to make this for him. he's been bugging me to write it out so he can make it. So Aaron here you go....It won't be as good as mine but you can try. LOL 11/2 lb lean hamburger 1/2 of small onion chopped fine 2 cloves of garlic chopped 1TBS Cumin 1TBS Ground Ginger 1/2 tsp salt & Black pepper Pinch to taste of Red pepper flakes(opt) 1 cup beef broth 1TBS AP Flour 1/2 each chopped fresh Cilantro & Parsley 2 Cups or so of Frozen Hash browns 2 Pie crust ( 1 for the top) 1TBS Mayo sesame seeds Saute onions and garlic just until sweating. add hamburger and brown. add all the spices, Cumin,Ginger, Salt , Pepper, Red Pepper then add flour & Hash browns top with Beef broth and cook for 5 minutes add Parsley and Cilantro Spoon into a pie crust and top with other pie crust.pinch pie crust together and with bake of spoon spread mayo to coat and sprinkle sesame seeds. Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes. Watch crust not to burn Vary the recipe spoon beef mixture in pie crust half way up and then top with green chilies or sliced tomatoes then top with rest of beef mixture. The finish topping with other crust and mayo and seeds. serve with Salsa and Sour cream it's a family favorite.
Date: 12/24/07 10:52 AM
McCormick - Thank you for all your great spices and Happy Holidays! I love to use a "special" secret ingredient in the cooking that I do for family and friends. Something exciting that they might not detect right off but it enhances the flavors of the dish. For instance, I use a dash of ground red pepper in my chocolate brownies to bring out the real depth of the chocolate. Ground ginger makes a yellow cake more interesting and my how I love to use an extract of orange, lemon, almond or vanilla. With your spices, I always have an idea to try.
Date: 12/23/07 07:49 AM
My favorite spice is garlic salt. We put it in just about everything. My dad has always put garlic salt and mustard on our grilled cheese sandwiches, it was just the norm for us. The first time I made a grilled cheese for my then boyfriend (husband now) I of course added the McCormick Garlic Salt and mustard, as I have always done. He took a bite and looked at me and said, "This is a darn good sandwich, what's in here!?" I now have him hooked on garlic, mustard and grilled cheese sandwiches. :o)
Date: 12/22/07 04:17 AM
Hello McCormick...I have two cute storeis and I'll try to keep them short. The first one was when I worked outside the home; dayshift and Hubby work midnite shift. He on occasion would fix dinner for the family and sometimes it was very good other times it left alot to be desired! Well, this one day he made Chili and Cornbread. I took one bite of that Chili and it was so bland tasting and he said, "Babe this doesn't taste like yours does it?" I said, NO,I think you left out the Chili Powder", he said "no wonder it doesn't taste like Chili"....I appreciated the fact that he tried, but he never made Chili again! The other is when my Grandson spent the nite and I fixed French Toast for Breakfast. I always put Cinnamon in my egg mixture, just like my Mom did and he said, " Grandma, that is the BEST French Toast I ever ate , I love the Cinnamon in it, it makes it good!" He's so sweet! I guess we all learn by doing, but McCormick Spices sure make everytthing taste so much better. Take care, Debbie
Date: 12/21/07 09:35 PM
I love Cayenne Pepper, liquid, powder or the pepper itself to spice up my recipes and my drinks. Hor Chocolate to Bloody Mary's. Yum
Date: 12/21/07 09:29 PM
McCormick, I have so many of your spices in my cupboard you wouldn't believe it! I have a funny spice story to share: I use to work full time, plus lots of extra hours. I had three children and a hubby that is shall we say cooking challenged. One evening he decided to surprise me and have dinner all ready for me. He knew how much I loved spaghetti and figured he couldn't go wrong with that. I thought it was so sweet to come home and have dinner all prepared for me, the children were seated at the table and I took my seat, the kids gave me a strange look. Shoulda known I was in trouble! I smiled as I took a bite, and almost choked. I tried not to spit it out. I casually asked, "Honey, how did you know what spices to put in?" He replied, "I just pulled spices out of the cupboard and if they smelled good, I put them in." He seemed so proud of himself. I said, "I detect something very unusual in here." He looked a little embarrassed and said "Well, when I was adding the allspice the lid came off and a LOT went into the sauce, but I think it is good, don't you?" I felt so bad, but I could not eat it. After over 30 years of marriage, he is finally grasping the use of spices, although, when I hear him say, "Maybe we could try a different spice?" I cringe at the thought. I love my spices, don't get me wrong, there is a cupboard FULL of them in my kitchen, but there is a time and place for every spice, ha ha.
Date: 12/21/07 08:56 PM
I love nutmeg - it's wonderful in many bland dishes - custard, scalloped potatoes, potato soup, creamed onions, rice pudding, noodle dishes, etc. as well as ham balls, cookies, apple dishes, spice cakes, etc.
Date: 12/21/07 06:57 PM
My favorite spices are cinnamon,ginger, garlic & onion powder.
Date: 12/21/07 12:42 AM
I'm a big fan of cumin. I used to add it to everything. :D Now-a-days, I'm a bit more judicious, but a little cumin added to scrambled eggs is still nice.
Date: 12/20/07 11:45 PM
I have a funny story about spices. My mother is she was a live would be about 80 years old now. When she first got married she would send my father to the store to buy spices everytime she need to go the ladies room if he was home. I know this sounds funny but you need to know my Mom. We did not talk about such things in our home. So one day she sent Matt my dad to the store to buy spice but he deiced to find out why she always need spices when she has so many different bottles. So he came back early and found her in the ladies room. It became a family joke for many many years and since my parents had a great sense of humor we would grow to love the story of how would spices to do a very normal thing like using the ladies room. She is missed so very much and she added so much spice to our lives. Merry Christmas McCormick and Mom for making so many great memories.
Date: 12/20/07 11:37 PM
I like a little cinnamon in my coffee in the morning.
Date: 12/20/07 11:30 PM
I like my spice Hot!!
Date: 12/20/07 11:25 PM
McComick love your spices use they all the time. Good to see you on Bakespace. With my diet I need to spice up my food and I use your spices.
Date: 12/20/07 08:07 PM
I personally love red pepper - I love anything spicy.
Date: 12/20/07 07:26 PM
Hi McCormick! My favorite spice is cinnamon. It reminds me of my grandmother who used to make these cinnamon cookies shaped as the letters of our names on our birthday. It was always so much fun. If I even smell cinnamon, I think of her. I usually burn a cinnamon candle on her birthday.. sort of a tribute. If I could only make her cookies!!! Maybe this Christmas I'll give it a try.

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