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Michigan State Fair State Fair

The Michigan State Fair holds a number of cooking contests with hundreds of blue ribbons and thousands of dollars available to be won!! Here is a listing of the cooking contests we will be having at the 2008 Michigan State Fair (August 22 - September 1, 2008): HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ENTERING A STATE FAIR DAILY CONTEST? The Michigan State Fair offers several Daily Contests that are judged live, during the State Fair. These cooking contests are great fun and offer terrific prizes. For an entry fee of only $2.00 per contest (or a flat $12.00 fee if entering 6 or more), entrants have the opportunity to compete in nationally-promoted competitions, sponsored by such companies as Fleischmanns, Pillsbury, and Ghirardelli Chocolate. First Prizes for these contests range from $100 all the way to $1,000 for national grand prize winners! These contests can be entered up to 12:00pm the day before the contest. The Daily Contests offered for the 2008 State Fair are: SACO “Soup it Up” – Create a soup using SACO brand Cultured Buttermilk. 8/22 @ 1:00pm. Ethnic Dish – Make a dish expressing your cultural heritage. 3’ of table space given for decoration. 8/22 @ 5:00pm. Michigan Goes Maple – Create your favorite maple-y dish, either sweet or savory. 8/23 @ 12:00 pm Ghirardelli Chocolate Championship – A dessert using a Ghirardelli product + up to 10 ingredients. 8/23 @ 4:30pm. Tomato Challenge – Bake your favorite tomato dish using at least 1 cup of tomatoes 8/24 @ 4:00 pm Great Baking Bonanza – a dessert using Eagle Brand Condensed Milk + up to 10 ingredients. 8/26 @ 1:00pm. Pillsbury – Use 1 pkg. Pillsbury “Just Unroll” Refrigerated Pie Crusts to bake a 9” fruit pie. 8/27 @ 4:00pm. Hidden Valley Ranch–Use Hidden Valley Dressing & Seasoning Mix to make a “Family Friendly” food. 8/28 @4:00pm Canola Oil “Fry It!” – Combine up to 10 ingredients, deep fry in Canola Oil, and put it on a stick! 8/29 @ 4:00 pm. Fleischmanns “Bake for a Cure” – Bake in an 8x8 dish using Fleischmanns Yeast. 8/30 @ 12 pm. Healthy Cooking–Cook a vegetarian burger the healthiest way you can. Include nutritional information 8/31@12:00pm Assorted Appetizers – Create a tray of at least 3 assorted appetizers 8/31 @ 4:00 pm Homemade Wine Judging – Do you make homemade wine? 8/22 @ 10:00 am (Visit the website for more information) All dishes are to be made at home and delivered to the Community Arts Building ½ hr before judging time. All contests require typed recipes to be submitted along with the entry, with the entrant’s name typed on the BACK of the recipe. Exhibitors must provide proof of product usage (i.e. package label, empty bottle) for any contest that requires use of a specific product. You can enter by using the form below or calling the Community Arts office at (313) 369-8260 by noon the day before the contest. For more information on these contests, go to and click “Community Arts”, then “Department 6 – Daily Contests”. You can also call the Community Arts office or email . Thank you for your interest!

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