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Mirandia Berthold

I am Mirandia. I am 22, and I feel old already! I have a beautiful son named Kaden! I am married to my best friend and the love of my life Gerry!! Gerry is 25! I live in Alabama but I am originally from Kentucky! Gerry is a HUGE NOTRE DAME fan! GO IRISH!!!! We have 3 dogs which drive me utterly insane, but yet, I love them (Shadow, Bailey, and Honey Do). I have to have painted toenails.... but, I hate my fingernails painted! I would prefer that people always saw me with makeup on... but I hate getting ready, Therefore I am always LATE! I am deathly terrified of spiders! I hate birds, of any kind, pretty or not, STAY AWAY! Although I LOVE animals!!! I love my little brothers Cayce and Kaleb.... at the same time they annoy the crap outta me! My family ALL OF IT is great.... but quite the set of nutcases!!!! I hate mayonnaise!!!! I love banana pudding! I was born and raised a country girl! I am most definetly a true Southern Belle, and A PROUD AMERICAN GIRL!!!!

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