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Meredith Villup

Hi! I am very new at this "my space" type site. Please bear with me. When I saw the article in my newspaper, I instantly thought this will be a GREAT PLACE to not only share recipes, to make friends too. Obviously, since we are all registered here, we love to cook and bake. In years past, I did work outside the home, full time till my son, Andrew, now 20, was born, then parttime till my daughter, Allie, now 17 came along. In the years I as home full time, I did a GREAT deal of volunteering at our local Grade School. I especially enjoyed spending time in Andrews 4th grade classroom. I became a Homeroom Mom. Four years later, Allie had the same teacher, Mr."B" and I was a MEGA Homeroom mom. Almost an aide; giving and correcting spelling tests, planning and participating in MANY PROJECTS!!! I had a BLAST!!!! MR. B continues to be a wonderful family friend!! On a more personal note, Not knowing till I was in my 20's that depression ran in my family, I have had depressive episodes over the years; I am now almost 50. About 7 years ago, after an episode of "mania" was I correctly diagnosed as being Bipolar. Now I am on meds that work VERY WELL and I am happy to say that life is WONDERFUL!!! I am currently a "family assistant"... I'll be on the lookout for fast and easy dinners. I treat them once a month and make a homecooked meal.... I share this because part of my "therapy" if you will, is doing things I love and get great enjoyement from. I have ALWAYS LOVED to BAKE, and COOK !!!! So, here I am.........

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