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Clara Nussbaum

I've been married for 42 years & we have 3 kids. Two sons & a daughter. All married. Our oldest (computer tech)married a girl with 3 kids. Next son (firefighter) married a grammar school teacher & they had triplets, 2 boys & a girl age 10!! Our daughter has 2 kids, a girl & boy. I clean a few houses... started that just to get some extra $. Hubby has been a custodian for the high school in town since getting laid off from a big company 15 yrs. ago. My Dad is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's. Just went in in February '07. My Mom was hospitilized in May with Conjestive heart failure, mild heart attack, pnuemonia & urinary tract infection. She was in there for 3 weeks & has come to live with DH & me. Life is very busy!! :-o

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