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Tracy Barnett

My name is Tracy. I have been happily married to my husband Kevin for 13 years. I have an awesome son, Michael who is 22 and we have our daughter, Abigail who just turned 11. My husband and I also have an (unofficial ha ha) adopted daughter from Caracas Venezuela. She came to us as a foreign exchange student studying English at the University here in Evansville (U of E). She lived with us for 7 mos. Her name is Maria Gabriela so we called her Gabby. We found it funny that we now had a Gabby and an Abby in our house. Gabby just turned 19 and is back home in Venz. She came and visited this summer for 5 weeks but is back home continuing her education in Venz. We miss her terribly. Gabby was an awesome big sister to Abby and they are very close. Gabby introduced us to unique and fantastic foods from her country. I am inclined now that Arepas are a gift from God (my absolute favorita!!) YumO. I am a first time homeschooler. My daughter Abby is a 5th grade home school student. It is going well and we are both learning so much. Cooking is a passion of mine, but I tend to focus more on cakes and desserts. I love to host events and functions and LOVE dinner parties. My husband and I often host game nights at our house and enjoy food, fun and games with many other couples. (Tripoly!!). I love to cook but I feel like I have much to learn. On the job training is fun in this case and I'm happy to do it. My husband and I have a passion for the ocean and love to vacation on white sandy beaches (who wouldn't right?). Destin Florida is our most sentimental destination. It's not Hawaii, but we honeymooned in Destin and it's been close to our heart ever since. We like to do NOTHING at all on vacation there. Lazy days, light cooking, maybe a dolphin cruise....and laying around. (This family lives on the wild side, can't you tell?) Nothing means more to me than my family (outside of my relationship with God). My kids and my husband mean everything to me.

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