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Janice Tarbill

Hi! I love pie! I'm a fully employed municipal government worker and free-lance pie baker. I have a very small pie baking enterprise and my specialty is fruit pies. I have worked really hard to perfect my pastry. After all, it's the pastry that makes a really great pie! I have three handsome grandsons, twin daughters and share my home with three very individualistic cats! See their pictures and you can see how different they are. I've been at my job for 23 years and though I do love it, I would love to retire and have a small pie-making business. I have a few loyal customers, business cards, but not many sales except for the holidays. My family and customers say I make the best pies they've ever had! I'm looking to expand my list of pie choices and hope to meet some great cooks / bakers here!

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High Protein Breakfast (or after work) Smoothie