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Shirley Caron

My Name is Shirley Caron, I'm 59 Years Old and I live on the South side of Indianapolis, Indiana with my Loving Husband, Mike. I am a Renowned Poet and was Inducted into The International Poetry Hall of Fame in 1992, I'm a Singer/Songwriter and have Written over 100 Poems and Several Songs, I'm Vice President of M & S Public Relations(Talent Promoter), Avon Sales Representative, and Chairperson of my Two Non Profit Organizations, "Save Our Children" and "Shirley's Epilepsy Awareness Program." A few months ago, I had been informed by The National Library of Poetry that I was chosen to be honored with the Title of "Poetry Ambassador of 2007!" I have recently received a Letter from The Famous Poets Organization, Congratulating me for being a Famous Poet of 2007 and they have invited me to their Fifteenth Anniversary Poetry Convention which will be held at The Famous Sierra Hotel and Casino Resort in Reno, Nevada on September 3, 4, and 5, which we are not able to attend because we could not come up with enough money to attend. I would have received a Gold Medal of Excellence, I would have been a Special Guest on their New Television Show, "Televised Poets", I would have Marched in their Famous Poets of 2007 Parade and I still have an excellent chance of Winning Thousands of Dollars and I hope and Pray that I will still receive the Check if I am chosen a Winner!!! :cool:

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