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Caley Walsh

Recipe4Living is dedicated to fostering an online community interested in cooking, thinking, and living. Through reader feedback and contribution, we strive to create a meaningful space for people to come together and communicate about important topics ranging from the best cheesecake recipe to grilling tips to current trends in dieting. Recipe4Living understands that the best ideas come from a diverse community working together. Caley wants to eat whatever you will make her, and if it's especially tasty, she might even write about it. Born and raised a Hoosier in an Irish family, Caley makes a mean Guinness Beef Stew and likes to confuse roommates by home-corning, but prefers eating seafood (especially sushi), ribs, and mochi. Despite too many library café meals to count, she greatly enjoyed one of the best areas to eat in Chicagoland while attending Northwestern University for a degree in English and Art History. A great lover of tea and snacking, she hopes to bring afternoon tea into American popularity.

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