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Cindy Harper

I have been a recipe collector for years. The kind that tears them out of newspapers and magazines and properly file them in a drawer all their own for a later date that never comes. Now that I am retired, I have had time to put them all into my computer, and am trying to compile a personal cookbook for both myself and family. I love to cook, and most especially bake. You can look at my husband and tell I love to bake. He is my experiment taster, and nothing goes to waste. My cookbook case is overflowing, and I just keep on. I think I'm addicted and compulsive. I told my husband he should be glad my collecting things is only recipes that require ink and paper, instead of diamonds and designer clothes. I am really happy I found this site and look forward to all your contributions and sharing some of mine. Thanks for having me.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
Sweet Dinner Rolls