Gloria Archer

Hometown: Southern California - Inland Empire

Here For: people who will enable me in my obsessions

Want to Learn How: making new friends, networking, make contacts

Heard about BakeSpace From: happened upon it one day, i really don't remember

Occupation: Fabulous Cupcake Princess

Schools: Ashford University

Major: Organizational Management

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts


I was most recently an executive chef and helped develop the menu and nutritional analysis for a private school. I am taking a year off from working a "real job" to focus more on my education. I'm going to a local community college with a double major - AA in Art and AA in Humanities. I'm also taking online courses through Ashford University to get my BA in Organizational Management. I am married and have three great kids, a ninja assassin cat, and a secret agent hamster. I bake and decorate, photograph my kids, and I also am working on various art projects that will go on an online art gallery for sale within the year. I'm planning my daughter's Quinceanera for next summer and am beginning a fitness plan so I can be healthier and active, and so that I can be taken seriously when I try to talk to people about nurtition, because I'd like to be able to teach teen parents about proper nutrition for their families. I also want to ply the world with fluffy and delicious cupcakes and rich chocolates, but I believe you can do both and maintain a balance. You can see that all that I've got going leaves no room for work. :d: I love things in miniature - food, dolls, re-ment is a new obsesion. I get caught up easily in what thrills me, and I'm easily entertained.



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