tariq shah khan

Website: tariqshah.hi5.com

Hometown: islamabad

Want to Learn How: leaarn and teacher doctor.....major.......heroo .........acter....and more more much..........

Heard about BakeSpace From: i will told you ok...........

Occupation: student

Schools: h s chamtar

Major: no

Degree(s): no


HI how ru ? all my friend............. :globo: Life A is ADVENTURE dare it. Life B is BEAUTY worship it. Life C is CHALLENGE meet it. Life D is DREAM realize it. Life E is ENDURANCE copewith it. Life F is FRAGRANCE smell it. Life G is GAME play it. Life H is HEAVEN take it. Life I is INITIATIVE take it. Life J is JOURNEY complete it. Life K is KEROSINE burn it. Life L is LOVE enjoy it. Life M is MYSTERY unfold it. Life N is NAME find it. Life O is OPPORTUNITY catch it. Life P is PROMISE fulfil it. Life Q is QUSETION answer it. Life R is REALITY face it. Life S is SONG sing it. Life T is TIME utilize it. Life U is URAGE satisfy it. Life V is VOICE listen it. Life Wis WEALTH acquire it. Life X is X ? solve it. Life Y is YEARNING go


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