The Blender Girl


Here For: I love connecting with people who are passionate about food.

Want to Learn How: Baking techniques, new ways to work with gluten-free flours and any handy kitchen hints and tips.

Heard about BakeSpace From: A friend

Occupation: Actor, Presenter, Voice Over Artist, Blogger, Cook, Writer

Industry: Entertainment

Associations: SAG, AFTRA, MEAA,

Schools: UCLA School of Theater, Film and TV

Major: Theater

Degree(s): BA in Theater

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Hi, my name is Tess Masters AKA, The Blender Girl. I am an actress; presenter; voice over artist; budding cook; enthusiastic story teller; environmental warrior; self respecting devotee of all things green and natural; and most importantly, a champion of the miraculous blender, mixer, and food processor. These phenomenal pieces of machinery are the ultimate culinary gifts from the Gods, bestowed lovingly on us to make our lives easier. So why not exploit their full potential? As a passionate whole foods cook, obsessive recipe collector, and excited eater, I have constant requests for healthy recipes, that always come attached with an all too familiar disclaimer: “I don’t have time to eat in a healthy way and I don’t know how to cook with those weird ingredients”! My friend Lyn always has a witty retort for people who say they can’t cook. “Can you read? Well, Cooking is Reading”. This simple philosophy has always resonated with me, and I offer it up to you today, as the only skill that is required in order to enjoy my recipes.


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