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Renee Pike

About me.....I always hate these but I fill them out anyway. I grew up in a small town in N.H. I escaped to CA when I was 19 because I was in Love. I came home 4 months later. I almost married the biggest mistake of my life. The first time I met my husband I was 14 and I ran away from him. So, technically speaking we got married 9 years after we first met. We've been married for 11. I have 2 wonderful dogs. Schultz and Oskar (no I was not going for a hotdog theme) They are German Shorthair Pointers and I love them dearly. I want to win the lottery but I never buy a ticket. I obsess about my weight, my health way to much. I take 2.5 years to grow my hair out and then start thinking about cutting it off. Winter makes me depressed so I started cooking LARGE meals to occupy my indoor time. I'm a total shop-a-holic. I love Thanksgiving to New Years. It makes me incredibly happy. I smoke to much, drink to much and eat to much. I don't work out enough and I'm constantly stressed out. (not as much as others I know but I am) I love my husband with every fiber in me and I look forward to seeing him every dam day of my life. nullnull

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