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Gili Rashal

Hi There! I come from a long history of eaters! Because of the fact that every woman in my family is a plus-size, I try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. But why deprive yourself of what you love? TipStyle is a new personal shopping service that is dedicated to outfitting your lifestyle. I take into account my clients lifestyle, budget, personal and professional goals, whatever they may be. Being happy in your own skin and in your own clothes is so important. With TipStyle, plus-sized clients will be outfitted with a flattering, fashionable and stylish wardrobe because everyone deserves to feel and look their best, no matter what size jeans they wear! I also have some healthy ideas for enjoying what you eat, while losing weight and without depriving yourself of good food! So feel free to write me with advice you may need! xo

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