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Joanne Binkley

I am plain old me. I live one moment at a time. I do not worry about the past or future. The past can not be changed and the future isn't here yet. ;-) I am content. A celibate divorcée, and I mean celibate... I have two sons. My eldest contacts me from time to time and stops by when he passes through, while he is running around traveling. My youngest has nothing to do with me. He is still angry over the divorce and my breakdown due to it. He is 25 but still has some growing up to do, in my opinion. After I handed over my sons to their Dad, I was rendered homeless. I returned to my home in Tennessee. I returned on April 15, 1995, the next day I was in the ER and had strep throat, and upper respiratory infection and fever of 104. On April 18 1995, my mother entered the hospital for tests, in Ripley TN. That night my Daddy had a myocardial infarction, he entered the Hospital the next morning, in Jackson TN, he had 5 blockages, Had a quadruple bypass, kidneys stopped filtering and started peritoneal dialysis. I was trained to administer the dialysis. My stepmother , Memaw, was in bad shape with COPD and diabetes. I became a parental care-giver at that time and up until now. Daddy and Memaw have passed away. Mother is the only parent I have left to Care for. It has been a hard road, I did have an emotional breakdown from all the stress from everything piling upon me all at once. It took me a while to get a grip. I am much better now. I try and live one moment at a time, because this moment is all we have. From moment to moment. I am not promised the next moment so I make due with what I have in any given moment. I try and make the best impression I am able and be the best friend I can be to anyone who really allows me to and really is my friend. In any given moment. I love my family and friends, collecting and sharing recipes, movies, reading, walking, bird and people watching. I love nature, playing cards and some board games, dancing, and all music that is not demeaning or vulgar. I consider the Earth my Greatest Grandmother because man was formed from her dirt, dust, sand, and water. I had a beautiful flower garden this year. I did not work the ground or do any hard labor to it, due to my health. I gave it over to God, watered is occasionally and it is beautiful. I give God the glory for its beauty. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a delightful day! Love truly~Joanne

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