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oh u mean ME :-) ???....well, i am this ultra LOVABLE (well, at least there's one person who think so and that's Me!! I reckon that's a good start for now...ROFL)....oh by the way, ROFL = Roll on Floor Laughing.....I am one hell of an impulsive person......cranky most of the times, ultra sweet at times, bite at to say out aloud what's on my mind...A person often Highly misunderstood by the general public due to my outspoken mannerisms (sometimes, i feel sad but i know that's just part of life...U cannot expect everyone to understand you).....enjoy deep conversations that makes us think.....forever clumsy and blur...A firm belief that an effect follows a definite cause and that logic and efficiency is what produces results in life.....Believes what goes around eventually comes around & Karma...a sucker for sad real life movies.....I think i am a dog in my past life cos I love smelling nice-smelling people...does it make sense???hmm....I think it YOu???...have so many NicKNAmes that i think I can devote a whole book to Crayon shin-Chan that lusty thick eyebrow stupid Japanese cartoon character (I am BEST at imitating his voice..heee) incorrigible pOStive person who loves her life to be lESS-ThaN-perFeCT....often displaying spontaneous acts or behaviour....which either drives peers nuts or cause rowdy laughter....OMIgosh, i think the security guard is here to chase me off again.....ciao for now....Xoxxoxoxo

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