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Victoria Crespo

I became a BakeSpace member about a year and a half ago but haven't been on much lately. I plan to change all that! I will soon purchase my very own (first!) place and can't wait to get into a kitchen again. I have been living in my parents' vacant home while kitchen renovations take place. At one point the only thing in the kitchen was part of a wood floor! Now I at least have a refrigerator :/ Cooking and baking became hobbies of mine a little over two years ago. My stepfather is an amazing home cook and he influenced my passion for cooking. I also have to credit Rachael Ray for helping me start to cook - I was watching 30 Minute Meals one day and thought, "Hey, that looks easy. I can do that!" And things took off from there...

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Orange-y Glaze
Chocolate Kahlua Bundt Cake
Get-Well Chicken Soup (AKA