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Hi BSers, I'm wildexpectation in search of everything with a wildexpectation outlook. Chronic illness. Don't get out much. Trying to get help to get help. Please see if you can help! I want to live life while can, but pain in way! If could find help for Dercum's Disease please let me know! I love to cook ANYTHING, but especially baking. My mother was a fantastic cook and we actually had a cafe up until my father passed away when I was 13. I just can't measure up to mom's cooking, but I try whenever I'm able to cook. Thank you all kindly for listening/reading my story and I am serious about the help for my medical condition (I want to live as long as possible and live LIFE not just pain at home!). Extending good cooking wishes for all you BSers out there. Keep those kitchen dreams, recipes, experiments and all the love in your heart burning bright!!


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