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Australia Day… Celebrate Aussie Style

January 25, 20100 Comments

Follow Us On January 26th, Australia will celebrate its 222nd birthday. In terms of world history, Australia is still just a teenager trying to figure out who it wants to be in adulthood. In the 18th century, while America was drafting the Declaration of Independence, Australia had only just been settled by the British Empire […]

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Be Neighborly by Celebrating
National Pie Day

January 22, 20100 Comments

Follow Us With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to forget how important it is to have good neighbors. They help shape your community, offer support and take in your mail so no one knows when you’re away from home. What’s happening now in disaster-stricken Haiti is a powerful example. While there […]

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Gardening Seeds 101

January 21, 20100 Comments

Follow Us Spring is still some time away, but ordering seed in advance will save you the unnecessary stress and hassle of shopping for your garden at the last minute. So let’s spend some time now figuring out what you’d like to plant and how to find the best seeds based on your budget. Order […]

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