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Rescuing Family Recipes

January 11, 20100 Comments

Follow Us Every family has a different method for storing treasured recipes. My mother has a cabinet stuffed with an array of cookbooks, as well as a box full of handwritten recipes passed from generation to generation. As a kid I would spend hours thumbing through the recipes and daydreaming about food. As the Internet […]

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CES Foodie Survival Guide

January 5, 20100 Comments

Follow Us BakeSpace is heading to Las Vegas for the yearly geek pilgrimage to CES (Consumer Electronics Show). While we’re excited to check out the new technology, we can’t wait to sample some of the great food that has made Las Vegas a destination for foodies. If you’re heading to Vegas this week or sometime […]

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Getting Creative with Bread

January 3, 20100 Comments

Follow Us Bread can get a bit boring because it’s often viewed simply as a base for sandwiches or for piling on butter and other spreads. But by adding a little fruit, some chocolate and even some marshmallows to your recipe you can take bread making (and eating) to a whole new level. Try these […]

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