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Staying indoors? Try a recipe inspired by these foodie films.

February 25, 20110 Comments

Follow Us While the weather where you’re at may not be as blustery and cold as it is here in New England, it’s always nice to spend some cozy time indoors watching one of the following foodie films.  Each is guaranteed to compel you to rush into the kitchen after the credits roll. Tortilla Soup […]

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Introducing<br />How to make pot brownies!

How to make pot brownies!

February 1, 20110 Comments

Follow Us Tweet Due to the recession, competition among food/recipe sites and genuine soul searching, we’re turning into Thank you to everyone who believed in us…. we’re excited about the possibilities! Here’s to recession-proofing our company! Before we complete the rebranding, we thought we’d tap into our community and get some help picking […]

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