About Kitchen Party

Welcome to our new experiment in food, publishing and online conversations.

BakeSpace.com’s #KitchenParty is the first live streaming food series where we publish a cookbook each week after every episode. If you miss a show, we’ll have them archived here.

Each week our hosts will invite culinary experts (e.g., authors, food bloggers, chefs, home cooks) to join us for a conversation on a particular food topic or trend. Each week’s theme will create a community cookbook through our new Cookbook Cafe DIY cookbook publishing platform on BakeSpace.com.

The cookbook will be available in our cookbook storefront as an app called Cookbook Cafe and on the Web at BakeSpace.com.

Inside the cookbook, we’ll also archive the video from each chat. This new cookbook publishing format is a first of it’s kind and we’re delighted that you have joined us. We hope you join us each week by submitting your own tasty creations.



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