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A farm boy transplanted in an urban city, I enjoy writing about my kitchen experiences as an escape from a hectic internet industry day-job. You’ll find me writing at EATING OUT LOUD where I show what I’m making in my own kitchen, as well as RECOVERED RECIPES where I share my vintage recipe card collection. Also find me on @EATINGOUTLOUD.

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Toasting in the New Year

Toasting in the New Year

December 31, 20090 Comments

Another busy holiday season has passed and a new year lies ahead. Many of you are likely feeling the effects of too much great holiday food. Regrettably, I feel the extra pounds around my mid-section and will be limiting myself to a dry toast and tea diet for a few days. Toast has been on my mind ever since visiting my parents during the holidays. I enjoy old kitchen gadgets and took the opportunity to rummage through their attic in search of long-lost culinary antiques. I came across a box full of goodies, including this pyramid shaped metal object – an early 20th century toaster.

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