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Hi! I'm Babette, the Founder of You can also find me on BAKESPACE.COM and on Twitter @BAKESPACE.

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Recipe Contest – Submit Your Favorite #SuperBowl Recipes

Recipe Contest – Submit Your Favorite #SuperBowl Recipes

January 31, 20130 Comments

Calling all home cooks… is publishing their next community cookbooks crowdsourced by home cooks across the globe! Each week during our live food chat on Google+ Hangouts on Air called KithenParty, we create and publish a new cookbook based on that week’s show topic (e.g. Super Bowl, Cupcakes, etc.) Our fans are invited to submit a recipe and join the fun.

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How to Prevent a Super Bowl Party Fail with Sara O’Donnell, on #kitchenparty

January 27, 20130 Comments

With Super Bowl around the corner, you’re bound to get overwhelmed with feeding a crowd and will likely screw it up. This week on Kitchen Party… we’re chatting with the hilarious Sara O’Donnell, executive producer and host of the popular youtube cooking series about seven ways to completely mess up your party and how not to do them.

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How to Create a Successful Web Series with Sandra McKenna, on #techmunch

January 27, 2013

“How do I create a successful web series?” is what our next TECHmunch TV guest is going to answer. Join us on Tuesday, January 29th as we welcome Sandra McKenna (@midliferoadtrip), the executive producer and one of the hosts of Sandra has been traveling around the world producing video stories on the road. If you’ve ever wanted to create engaging video content… tune in to TECHmunch TV!

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