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Hi! I'm Babette, the Founder of You can also find me on BAKESPACE.COM and on Twitter @BAKESPACE.

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How to build a highly engaged audience on Google+ with Greg Wright of Google+

February 12, 20130 Comments

On this week’s TECHmunch Live we’ll hear from Greg Wright , a member of the Google+ community partnerships team on how you can build a highly engaged audience on Google+. Greg heads up the food community on Google+ so a lot of the conversation will be around food content, how food bloggers can use Google+ to […]

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Cupcake decorating tips from Annette Starbuck, winner of Cupcake Wars

February 4, 20130 Comments

On this week’s KitchenParty, we’re chatting with one of our favorite cupcake bakers – Annette Startbuck.  Annette took her passion for baking cupcakes and turned it into a business — launching her own cupcake shop called ‘Goodie Girls: a petite treat affair’ and soon after won Cupcake Wars on The Food Network. Annette will be sharing her favorite cupcake decorating tips live! So get your questions ready… and join us on this week’s KitchenParty!

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How to get more done every day with Erika Kerekes on #techmunch live

February 4, 20130 Comments

This week’s TECHmunch Live, we’ll hear from social media consultant Erika Kerekas on how we need to rethink our daily schedules so we can get more done. Join us on Wednesday, Feburary 6th as we welcome Erika Kerekas (@erikakerekas), founder of the Kerekes Group and publisher of Erika will guide us through some steps she’s learned on making her day more productive. If you are constantly feeling like you just don’t have enough time in the day… this is the show for you!

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