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Hi! I'm Babette, the Founder of You can also find me on BAKESPACE.COM and on Twitter @BAKESPACE.

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Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits that Grow Your Social Networks

November 10, 20120 Comments

This week on Cookbook Cafe Live on Google+ –  Jo Deibel, Founder of Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue and founder Babette Pepaj. One of the inspirations for creating Cookbook Cafe was to improve how non-profit organizations (schools, hospitals, faith-based institutions, clubs, sports teams, civic groups, etc.) use crowd-sourced cookbooks for fundraising. In the past, […]

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Dealing with Holiday Stress with Tess Rafferty, Author and former Writer on ‘The Soup’

November 7, 20120 Comments

Tweet This week on Kitchen Party… Q & A with Tess Rafferty (@TessRafferty), author of “Recipes for Disaster” and former writer for ‘The Soup’ on E!  We’ve read the book and can honestly say… if you’ve ever thrown a dinner party you need to read this book! A former standup comic turned successful tv writer, […]

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Cookbook Cafe Live with The Dutch Baker’s Daughter

November 7, 20120 Comments

This week on Cookbook Cafe.. Q & A with Cathy Wiechert, cookbook author and publisher of The Dutch Baker’s Daughter.  We’ll be chatting about Cathy’s parents love for baking, recipes she grew up on and her new cookbook “Quick Breads, Muffins and Cakes… Oh My!” Subscribe to our shows: google+ account or on youtube. Add Cathy […]

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