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Burning Man: Your Guide to Dining on the Playa

Burning Man: Your Guide to Dining on the Playa

August 23, 2011

Tweet Follow @bakespace I’ve seen a lot of buzz online about Burning Man this year – in fact, the event is sold out for the first time in its 25 year history! So we can only imagine how many newbies (and even experienced burners) will find themselves hungry because they didn’t pack the right food. […]

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Social Media Checklist for Food Bloggers

August 18, 20110 Comments

Tweet Last Friday I was supposed to be in London sipping wine with 100 food bloggers at Food Blogger Connect, a wonderful food blogger conference created and produced by Bethany Kehdy. I was hoping to hobnob with Celebrity Chef Anjum Anan, Chef John Mitzewich of, my girl Jaden Hair of and super sweet […]

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Bake a Pie for Mikey

August 10, 20110 Comments

OK, this is a tough post to write on several levels. If you frequent our community, then you know I’ve been really down about a friend’s husband’s death. Just thinking about what she’s going through and everything she will face, I just can’t shake this heartbreaking agony. In a loving tribute Jennifer (my friend and […]

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