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Q & A with Chef Norman Van Aken

July 25, 20130 Comments

Joining us this week is Chef Norman Van Aken and his son Justin Van Aken, authors of “My Key West Kitchen.” Norman has been described as ‘legendary, visionary and protean’. He is known as “,” a celebration of Latin, Caribbean, Asian, African and American flavors. He is also known internationally for introducing the concept of “Fusion” to the culinary world.

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[Video] Summer Grilling Tips from Sarah Carey, Everyday Food

June 28, 20130 Comments

If you have been following us for a while, then you know every Thursday we host a new Google Hangout food series called KitchenParty. Where we bring our favorite folks in food, recipe development, cookbook publishing… to join us for an interactive chat. This week’s episode features Sarah Carey, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food. […]

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Live Video Chat with Shauna & Danny Ahern of #KitchenParty G+ Hangout

June 18, 20130 Comments

Joining us this week is Shauna James Ahern, founder and her husband Danny Ahern (the blog/cookbook’s talented photographer). If you’re interested in learning about gluten-free meal planning, how Shauna parlayed her passion into a successful blog and then cookbook deal or you simply want to get some advice on working with your significant other … you don’t want to miss this episode of KitchenParty!

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