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I was named after a recipe for Coriander Chicken, in the Silver Palate, specifically. Maybe that's where I got my appetite, for new media, PR, art/design and exploring. And food, though irony of irony, not a fan of cilantro.

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Butterbeers and Treacle Tarts: Cooking with Harry Potter

July 18, 20110 Comments

Tweet Did you go see Harry Potter this weekend? The world of Harry Potter, from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade to the Burrow, is not only full of magic, but tasty and often whimsical treats. And while Fizzing Whizbees might not be an option in the theater concession stand, you can make some Potter-inspired treats at home […]

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TRY THIS: Summer Vietnamese

TRY THIS: Summer Vietnamese

June 23, 20110 Comments

Summer cooking is a conundrum: on one hand, you have more fresh and hearty produce than you can fit in a canvas tote. On the other, sweltering weather makes you cringe away from serving anything warmer than ice cubes. Photo Credit: Instead of settling for salads and Cap’n Crunch for dinner, take that challenge […]

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No Garden? No Excuse! Growing Food with Life on the Balcony’s Fern Richardson

June 17, 20110 Comments

Fern Richardson makes maximum use of minimum space growing her own food and plants on her balcony. Fern Richardson knows her stuff. She’s a certified Master Gardener and a serious green thumb, blogging about gardening tips, tricks and methods at her blog. But Fern doesn’t have sprawling acreage or even a front yard—she does all […]

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