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The eldest of three children, I was born in South Korea and immigrated to Australia with my parents at the age of 4. Having grown up mostly in Australia (with a brief 2 year stay in Korea when I was 14 – 16), I’ve grown up in a strange hybrid existence of Korean and Australian attitudes and mentalities, which very much crosses over into fields such as my cooking – I love my kimbap just as much as I do a good chicken parma or pavlova!

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Celebrating the Lunar New Year

February 8, 20100 Comments

For many Asian cultures, the Lunar New Year is a very big event held on the first day of the new year in the Chinese Calendar. This year, it happens to fall on February 14th to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Each culture has its own way of celebrating – from decorations and traditional ceremonies to […]

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Australia Day… Celebrate Aussie Style

January 25, 20100 Comments

On January 26th, Australia will celebrate its 222nd birthday. In terms of world history, Australia is still just a teenager trying to figure out who it wants to be in adulthood. In the 18th century, while America was drafting the Declaration of Independence, Australia had only just been settled by the British Empire  for use […]

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