National Pie Day: Be Neighborly and Celebrate

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With so much going on in the world, it’s easy to forget how important it is to have good neighbors. They help shape your community, offer support and take in your mail so no one knows when you’re away from home.

What’s happening now in disaster-stricken Haiti is a powerful example. While there are some reports of looters, there are also many wonderful reports of neighbors working together to help one another. It’s that kind of spirit – in good times and bad – that makes getting to know your neighbors so worthwhile.

Tomorrow (Saturday, Jan. 23rd) is National Pie Day, so why not bake an awesome pie and bring it over to one of your neighbors to either introduce yourself or say thanks for all the little things they do?

Pledge your Pie!

Post a comment below and tell us what pie you’ll be baking tomorrow.

Here’ are a few recipes to inspire you and an awesome pie cutting tip!

How to cut the perfect pie slice

Once you’ve made the perfect pie, you may find yourself confronted with an even more daunting culinary challenge: slicing and serving the pie so it looks as good on the plate as it does in the pie tin. This can be tricky for even the most poised and accomplished server.

Try this tip – After you make the first two cuts to form the initial slice, make a third cut as if you were cutting an additional. The trick is making this third cut before you start to lift the first slice from the pan, and repeat the technique for each successive slice. This allows each slice to come out of the pan more smoothly, and it works just about every time. It even works for cakes! Spring is still some time away, but ordering seed in advance will save you the unnecessary stress and hassle of shopping for your garden at the last minute. So let’s spend some time now figuring out what you’d like to plant and how to find the best seeds based on your budget.

Thanks to the  National Pie Council for letting us know:

  • Tomorrow in Chicago, 300 mini pies will be delivered throughout the city to local heroes including police, firefighters and those who are just doing a good deed.
  • In Orlando, Rosen Centre Hotel will be donating $2 from every $10 Key Lime and Sugar-Free Apple Pie sold to Homefront Hugs USA and will be giving every dining guest a free slice of pie with their meals.
  • For more more pie day activities and information about all things pie, please visit

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