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Getting Creative with Bread

January 3, 20100 Comments

Follow Us Bread can get a bit boring because it’s often viewed simply as a base for sandwiches or for piling on butter and other spreads. But by adding a little fruit, some chocolate and even some marshmallows to your recipe you can take bread making (and eating) to a whole new level. Try these […]

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Not Your Mama’s Vegetarian Recipes

January 3, 20101 Comment

Follow Us BakeSpace is all about trying delicious recipes, meeting new friends and discovering hidden taste buds. And one of our members’ favorite pastimes is exploring different types of lifestyle diets. One of the more universal lifestyle diets is vegetarianism. Despite some common perceptions, cooking vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to cook without flavor. Quite […]

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New Spin on Pizza

January 1, 20100 Comments

Follow Us Most pizza recipes are virtually foolproof, because you can add just about anything to a pizza and odds are it will taste fantastic. But have you ever thought about grilling your next home-made pizza? With the 80 degree weather in LA, it’s a perfect time to try something new. Grilling will give your […]

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