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Love food? Want to be part of our community? Join us each week live! To RSVP for events… check out our full schedule at BakeSpaceTV.com or check out our interactive google hangouts schedule (Hangoutslive.com) we created to share our hangouts with other hangout producers.




Cookbook Cafe

How to Participate:

  • Mark your calendar!  Check out our list of shows below or subscribe to our Google+ Page, our Youtube channel or sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you a reminder!
  • Join our live chat! Follow the #kitchenparty, #cookbookcafe or #techmunch hashtags on twitter.
  • Submit a recipe! KitchenParty is the first (and only) show that produces a new community cookbook for a new show each week during #kitchenparty. Simply look at the schedule below to submit a recipe for a particular show.    We’ll archive every show in that show’s cookbook which is published and available online at BakeSpace.com and in our iPad app (Cookbook Cafe). Our app is free and so are our cookbooks published as part of our chat.

For full schedule of shows, see BakeSpaceTV.com.


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