Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Create a Custom Family Cookbook App

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Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th, 2012. Sometime between now and then you’ll be racking your brain trying to think of a creative way to show mom that you love her. Here’s what you’ll probably think of:

  • Flowers – they’ll die!
  • Chocolate – too fattening.
  • Handmade coupons she can cash in throughout the year – too much work for you!
  • Washing her car – too dirty.
  • Getting her a massage – too expensive.

Why not create something truly unique that she’ll enjoy using all year long that is sentimental and will fit your budget?  

How about a custom one-of-a-kind cookbook just for mom? OK, you may have tried this before with a print-on-demand service, but they take a lot of work. You’ll have to design the book, print and ship which means you need to start NOW!

But what if you could create your cookbook in minutes, add things like photos and video and also turn it into an app she can also use on her ipad? What if you can also share the cookbook instantly with everyone in your family? OK, still not convinced… what if I told you it wouldn’t cost you a dime?

Say hello to Cookbook Cafe, the first DIY cookbook publishing platform that allows anyone to make a custom cookbook as both an ebook and native ipad app… for free!

Cookbook Cafe is an entirely new way to publish and shop for cookbooks.

Here’s how to build your own cookbook in five easy steps:

  1. If you’re already a member, login to your account. Or use your facebook login to create an account in two seconds.
  2. Upload your recipes to your account.
  3. Click on “Cookbook Cafe” menu bar tab and then on the “Build a Cookbook” tab on the left. There you’ll create your cookbook (upload your cover image, cookbook title and add a message to mom)
  4. Then attach your recipes to your cookbook, click “save.”
  5. Look over your cookbook on the Web and click “publish.”

That’s it!

Photo credit by Christylacy on flickr

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