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Cooking with Dad

June 19, 20110 Comments
Cooking with Dad

Follow Us Father’s Day is celebrated around the world. While the date varies, most countries (nearly 50) will honor dear old dad today, June 19th. We realize that your in-box, facebook feeds and twitter page may already be flooded with Father’s Day recipe suggestions. That’s why we decided to take a different approach with this […]

No Garden? No Excuse! Growing Food with Life on the Balcony’s Fern Richardson

June 17, 20110 Comments

Follow Us Fern Richardson makes maximum use of minimum space growing her own food and plants on her balcony. Fern Richardson knows her stuff. She’s a certified Master Gardener and a serious green thumb, blogging about gardening tips, tricks and methods at her blog. But Fern doesn’t have sprawling acreage or even a front yard—she […]

Donut Recipes – Today is National Donut Day

June 3, 20110 Comments
Donut Recipes – Today is National Donut Day

Follow Us Tweet “mmmmmmm. donuts… is there anything they can’t do?” - Homer Simpson Today is National Donut Day. While many donut shops are celebrating by offering free samples, why not try making your own at home? Whether you call them “donuts” or “doughnuts,” they’re a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen […]

Macaroons vs. Macarons: The Conspiracy of the Double O’s

June 3, 20110 Comments
Macaroons vs. Macarons: The Conspiracy of the Double O’s

Follow Us Tweet May 31st was National Macaroon Day, a celebration that to some, automatically conjures up images of gooey, chewy mounds of toasted coconut, squat and sweet and haphazard. To others, a “macaroon” is quite the opposite: an airy sandwich cookie with delicately ruffled edges, a pillow of Parisian goodness in pastel colors. So […]

Sowing Your Seeds

May 11, 20110 Comments

Follow Us If you’ve already selected seeds for your spring garden, you may be wondering what to do next. The first step is to read the package carefully, since it will note if the seeds are best for direct sowing or starting indoors. A lot of seeds are just fine to direct sow into the […]

Staying indoors? Try a recipe inspired by these foodie films.

February 25, 20110 Comments

Follow Us While the weather where you’re at may not be as blustery and cold as it is here in New England, it’s always nice to spend some cozy time indoors watching one of the following foodie films.  Each is guaranteed to compel you to rush into the kitchen after the credits roll. Tortilla Soup […]

How to make pot brownies!

February 1, 20110 Comments
Introducing<br />How to make pot brownies!

Follow Us Tweet Due to the recession, competition among food/recipe sites and genuine soul searching, we’re turning into Thank you to everyone who believed in us…. we’re excited about the possibilities! Here’s to recession-proofing our company! Before we complete the rebranding, we thought we’d tap into our community and get some help picking […]

The Sweet Taste of Victory at the Golden Globes

January 17, 20110 Comments
The Sweet Taste of Victory at the Golden Globes

Follow Us Tweet In most of the country “The Seasons” are marked by subtle ques from Mother Nature… a snow flake, a brown leaf, a flower bud blooming. How quaint. In Los Angeles, where the weather is a mild 72 degrees year-round, we actually have something called “Awards Season.” How unbelievably self-serving. Somewhere between the […]

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