Trademark Infringement Chat – How to Protect Your Blog’s Identity with Food Blogger Michael Munoz,

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michael munoz

Building your brand takes time, money and commitment. But what happens when someone else claims your brand is their trademark? Join us for our first TECHmunch TV show of the year.

Special Guest:

Michael Munoz is a New York City native whom some would say is a little bit food enthusiast and a little bit show stopper. A home trained cook and a university trained performer Michael has wowing audiences on the stage and in the kitchen from an early age. In 2007 while cooking for one of his casts his personality, The Gay Gourmet!, was created. After years of cultivating and thinking of how to present The Gay Gourmet! to the world he finally decided to start his blog and social media empire in 2010. The Gay Gourmet! was received with great acclaim and went on to provide a restaurant with it’s Red Velvet Pancake recipe as well as entertain the masses with his wit and delicious recipes. Sadly, in October of 2012 due to a Intellectual Property dispute his blog and hard work had been taken from him suddenly and he has not blogged since. All his efforts now are invested in fighting for his name back and trying to create something new.

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Show Host:

Babette Pepaj, Founder of  Ask questions or join the conversation on twitter @BakeSpace and use the #techmunch hashtag.

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