Morels In Tennessee

It's April time for dry-land toad hunting!!! My best time growing up was on shrooms hunts. Looking in the spring flowers to find a morel for supper,mmmmmmm. Colors range from black, gray, brown, tan, yellow & white(see pic) We'd make a meal of nothing but dry-land toads (that is what we called them here in Tennessee.) Or use as a side dish with anything! They don't last long in the woods, so go get 'em! Mushroom Preparation - Wash and cut fresh mushrooms into quarters, slicing long way. Soak in large bowl of salt water to remove and kill all those little pesty critters. Leave soak in refrigerator for a couple hours. Note: if you are not going to cook your shrooms within the next day two after picking them, make sure to drain the excess water and keep covered with damp paper towel and refridgerate. This prevents your mushrooms from getting soggy and mushy. Drain excess water and lay on cookie sheet. Truly food from heaven!