“Time for a Clean Start” Inauguration Soap

Earlier this month I posted the question, “What would your inaugural soap look like?” The responses I got were entertaining and delightful. The winner for this challenge was Jeanne S., whose inaugural soap was described as follows: “Time for a Clean Start”: Made from rich coffee and luxuriating cream, this rejuvenating soap bears the gentle hint of pineapple but is still gritty enough to clean up even big messes. The recipe below is a slightly reworked version of Jeanne’s inaugural soap. As always, I use olive oil as the base to make a traditional Mediterranean ‘Castile’ soap. Ground coffee is a wonderful odor absorbent and, indeed, gives that deep clean-up-the-mess grittiness. I use buttermilk rather than regular milk to enhance the creamy luxuriousness of this soap. Finally, I replaced pineapple with sweet orange, which has a lovely sweet fragrance (and, incidentally, is great for removing gooey residues. Hm.).