(Gluten Free) Buttermilk Donut Holes

I've never been happier to have a donut. Really. Who knew that gluten free doughnuts would actually be delicious? In fact, this is better than some other donut recipes I've tried previously! I prepared this last week for a kiddie donut party I hosted for my son's playdate with friends. Next to the regular baked donuts I made, these were quite popular. They're so popular that I'm making them again this weekend for a gluten free friend who's been craving donuts for quite some time. (Fear not Colin, your donut cravings will soon come to an end!) These Gluten Free Buttermilk Donut Holes are not only delicious but so easy to make. No rolling, cutting or forming involved. Simply combine the ingredients in a bowl, stir and scoop out donut holes for frying. Breakfast bliss I tell you... I've been enjoying the prepared gluten free all purpose flour mixes for baking and other recipes calling for flour. But I've taken some baby steps. I recently purchased a few different flours - sweet rice flour, glutinous rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, and masa flour. Although I haven't figured out flour ratios quite yet, I'm still hanging on to my GF all purpose flour training wheels. With a recipe like this to use it in, it may be hard to let go of all the convenience the prepared flour blends provide. The flavor and texture of these donuts reminded me of the donut holes, aka "Munchkins", at Dunkin Donuts. Once you've made them, they're pretty much a blank canvas for you to play with. Roll them in cinnamon sugar, dip them in chocolate, drizzle on some glaze, or enjoy them plain. The sky's the limit and being gluten free doesn't mean you can't have your donut... because you can eat it too!