Aebleskivers Or Ebleskivers

OK, I am only posting this recipe because I caught that crazy commercial for the NEW “Pancake Puff” pan on television over the Christmas weekend. Since I happened to be cooking up these little Danish invented morsels of deliciousness for breakfast on Christmas Eve, I got a little annoyed. Like this pancake puff thing is a NEW idea. This is the way the Danes have made pancakes for centuries, starting with the first dented shield on the battlefield. Or at least if you believe the legend. These are not the typical Flapjack type of pan cake seen on most American breakfast tables. I have included a picture of a more traditional pan, which incidently looks just like my 15 year old pan. If you are ever driving up, or down, the California coast line, stop in at the Solvang Restaurant in Solvang, CA for a traditional Danish Breakfast.