BLT Pasta Salad

You've heard the phrase before... 'everything's better with bacon!' I'm definitely a bacon lover so I'll echo that phrase. I often keep bacon on hand because I love incorporating it in dishes and of course, eating it for breakfast now and then. A popular use for bacon is in sandwiches, name a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato). I've used this combination for a BLT pizza, BLT mac & cheese, even a BLT green salad. My most recent application of BLTs is for this BLT Pasta Salad. In this dish, the BLT stands for bacon, leek and tomato, where all the great flavor of the sandwich are tossed with pasta in a creamy ranch dressing... I suppose you could use lettuce in place of the leeks if you wanted, but I like the more savory touch the leeks add to this pasta salad. It's a salad that I found tastes better as it sits so the ranch flavor from the dressing really get absorbed by the pasta. You could refrain from adding the bacon until the last minute if you want the crunchy texture but it's certainly up to you. For a gluten free alternative, substitute the pasta with a gluten free variety.