Baby Green Monster Smoothie

I’m a full time working mom. I make Cheek’s baby food. She wears cloth diapers. I don’t have a cleaning lady. I run my blog and I cater on the side. What all of this means is time can be a little tight sometimes. I’d rather spend the remaining .04 seconds I don’t have in the morning laughing with the kid as she tries to eat the fringe on our ghetto carpet near the wall she seems to roll over to every single morning. Do you know what she loves more then ghetto fringe on carpet? My green monster smoothies. I gave her a bite of mine one day, not really even thinking twice about it. She laid their on her belly, staring at me with her mouth WIIIIIIDE open, practically begging me to give her some. I quickly reminded myself of what I put in it and realized “hey, it’s just fruit and veggies, which is like baby food, and she’s a baby, this could be a good meal!” And so it has become our mourning routine. I make my smoothie and we sit on the living room flour where she takes bites of my smoothie, off of my big girl spoon, followed by her dribbling the green goop onto the carpet, and then smearing it around with her hand, as it’s it’s washable paint.