Boneless Pork Chops

Wen Zientek-Sico [] This is by far our favorite low carb recipe for really lean boneless pork chops. I think one of the essential things which some other people have mentioned is that is really important not to over cook the pork chops. While you have much more leeway with other types of pork that have more fat, overcooked boneless pork chops taste pretty darn awful. I do not really recommend placing them in a crockpot because they really do get over cooked. Regular pork chops tend to work better in most crock pot recipes. We either grill (we have an electric indoor grill) or pan fry them. If we fry them in the pan, we keep the chops warm in the oven and use the same pan to make the sauce. If we grill it, we reserve half of the rosemary to add to the sauce so we do not lose it and follow the rest of the directions after the main recipe.