Breton Biscuits

This Friday, I will be embarking on a new journey.... my 30's. I kept telling my husband Robert years ago that for my 30th birthday I will be in France enjoying a culinary vacation. Cooking in a farmhouse in Provence. Enjoying some wine in a chateau in Bordeaux. Unfortunately, that is not going to be the case. Last year, I began to tell my husband that I wanted a new career. A culinary one. I wanted to become a pastry chef and learn from the masters in Paris. I imagined myself coming home from school, whipping something fresh up in my studio flat, riding my bicycle to the market, becoming fluent in all things french. Eat my baguettes by the Seine, enjoy weekends at the Louvre. All while becoming a world class pastry chef. While, I still do not know what the future holds for me in terms of a pastry career, until then I will be embracing all things French. Especially the pastries. After all, the french do it best. In honor of my 30th tomorrow, I decided to make a french cookie called a Breton Biscuit. Breton Biscuits come from Brittany, a region in France that is known for it's amazing butter. These pair very nicely with a nice cappuccino. Enjoy!